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Statement on Loss of RPD Officer

Posted by admin on September 4, 2014

Rochester, NY- Veterans Outreach Center, Inc. joins the community in mourning the loss Rochester Police Department (RPD) Officer Daryl Pierson who was killed in the line of duty last night.

Executive Director Todd Baxter, himself a veteran officer of the RPD having served the people of this city for 22 years before accepting the position of Chief of Police in Greece, NY, for another 4 years, is especially moved to offer his condolences.

“No officer of this community would hesitate to perform the actions that this man did to perform his duty, uphold the law, and protect the citizens to whom he swore an oath of honor. To face such danger is the ultimate test of the strength of these men and women who wear the police badge,” says Baxter.

“There is a close relationship between our military and our law enforcement families. We all understand that there is an inherent risk in the line of duty, yet we never hope to know this pain of loss. Please take a moment to find a way to honor the life and service of this officer, whether that means you perform an act of kindness for a neighbor- or teach a child to respect life and to choose right from wrong.

“We know Officer Pierson was also a veteran soldier of the United States Army- this hero chose to defend our freedom overseas directly fighting terrorist. Being a police officer, this hero chose to defend our freedom on the home front. We honor and respect his service.”