OPERATION WELCOME HOME is a volunteer organization formed in Rochester, NY during the first Gulf War to ensure that veterans in our area receive a proper welcome when they return to the community.  The experience of the veterans from the Vietnam era was a strong motivating factor for the founding of OPERATION WELCOME HOME.

OPERATION WELCOME HOME has developed an organization to provide enthusiastic greetings for returning vets.  Greetings are planned and scheduled based on a request from the service member's family and can be provided for all veterans, whether their service was overseas or stateside.  In addition, to provide the entire community an opportunity to participate in welcoming and thanking the troops, we are asking our friends and neighbors to "sign-up" in support of our service commendation. In 1991 over 58,000 people from the Rochester area signed our service commendation.  Also based upon a request from the service member's family, a presentation-quality copy of the commendation will be given to returning personnel along with a lapel pin recognizing their service.

OPERATION WELCOME HOME encourages the community to provide continuing support for our military personnel as they make the adjustment back to peacetime.  The Veterans Outreach Center, support groups, and faith-based organizations are valuable resources to help our community accomplish that goal.

Please allow at least one week prior to return date.

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