U.S. Flags - Made in USA

U.S. Flags - Made in USA

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We offer flags in several sizes and materials:

Heavyweight nylon (first photo) is the most versatile flag fabric available, with a combination of strength and brilliant display. It is ideal for rainy areas because of its quick-drying ability. Its light weight and close weave enable it to fly in the slightest breeze, giving the fullest visual effect.

Polyester (second photo) has improved greatly over the years. With 100% spun polyester 2x2 ply construction, these flags offer durability, strength and fly-ability. They are ideal for extreme weather conditions without excess weight, and offer a rich feel and look.

Duratex (third photo) is lightweight and flyable, designed for wet and windy conditions, repels water like nylon, and offers unsurpassed color retention. It is shiny like nylon with durability of polyester.

  • All flags 2’ x 3’ through 15’ x 25’ are supplied with large embroidered stars for exceptional beauty.
  • In sizes 3’ x 5’ through 6’ x 10’ we use 100%, 10 oz. cotton duck heading and solid brass #2 grommets to ensure durability and stability.
  • Sizes 8’ x 12’ and larger feature extra heavy, 100%, 10 oz. cotton duck headings with nylon rope and galvanized thimbles for added strength.
  • To ensure stability and durability, brass grommets are used in addition to rope on headings of 10’ x 15’ and greater.
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