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Art Therapy Testimonial

“If I couldn’t come here I don’t know what I’d do. The Crisis Line tells me not to call them because I’m not suicidal but I need to talk to someone. That PhD at the VA tells me I’m too high functioning. What does that mean? I need help.” 

This veteran regularly called the VA Crisis Line and over a number of years failed to connect with numerous VA service providers. Cost to the veteran who was on a fixed income was $55 for each visit. The veteran was feeling desperate and vulnerable when first beginning individual art therapy at the VOC. The veteran was able to develop a workable therapeutic relationship and more able to manage traumatic memories as insight improved during weekly art therapy sessions. Calls to the VA Crisis Line ceased as the veteran’s sense of safety and ability to function in the community grew. This veteran often reported “I wish I didn’t have to take all these medications. My psychiatrist says I should just do art therapy.”