Employment Services

VOC’s Employment Services offer a “one-stop” approach to providing assistance to veterans of all eras and their immediate family members. The goal is stabilizing veterans by reintegrating them into meaningful, career oriented employment.

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Employment support offered:

  • Vocational assessments, career counseling, and resume preparation.

  • Job readiness and life skills training.

  • Job development and post-placement services.

  • Direct access to NY State Dept. of Labor veteran reps available on-site.

  • Weekly VETNET, networking group sessions exclusively for veterans.

  • Wide dissemination of job opportunities to veteran program participants.

  • Pre-screened, job ready applicant referrals to employers.

  • CAC (Common Access Card) Readers available

VOC’s Employment team provides employers with pre-screened, highly qualified veteran candidate referrals, offering:

  • Traditional work ethic – honesty, loyalty, dependability, and respect for authority.

  • Flexibility – and ability to adapt to multiple tasks in a diversified workforce.

  • Trainability – oriented to learning highly technical skills in a short period of time.

  • Ability to function as a team builder and team player.

  • Results oriented and accustomed to total accountability.

  • Leadership skills, experience and responsibilities.

  • Eagerness to demonstrate qualifications and potential.

  • Work experience and a proven track record.

  • Welcoming attitude towards challenges.


Nena Siverd

Employment & Training Services Manager


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