Legacy Brigade

Thank you for your interest in naming Veterans Outreach Center in your estate plan. The information you provide here will ensure that we have accurate records so that we can provide the best possible stewardship of your gift. This is not a binding legal document, and your information will be kept confidential.

Contact Kevin Gross at 585-295-7833 or kevin.gross@vocroc.org with questions.

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Date of Estate Plan or Designation
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The Legacy Brigade honors and recognizes the generosity and vision of those who have chosen to leave a legacy for our local veterans and their families through a will provision or other form of deferred gift. Enrollment in the honorary society is simply a matter of advising VOC of the creation of a legacy gift. Please indicate if you would like to be listed as part of the Legacy Brigade or if you prefer to remain anonymous.
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For our records, we would appreciate a copy of the relevant pages of your bequest or provision that refers to Veterans Outreach Center. This too is optional. Thank you!