Kristie Robertson-Coyne Joins Veteran Outreach Center Board of Directors

Kristie Robertson-Coyne joined the Veterans Outreach Center Board of Directors in March. As the Senior Director of Advancement at University of Rochester’s Wilmot Cancer Center, Kristie is excited about putting her extensive experience to work on behalf of the veterans we serve.

Kristie comes from a big military family! Both of her Grandfathers served in WWII, and her Grandmother was an Army nurse.  Kristie’s father was a Vietnam Veteran Reservist, and she has an uncle (now retired) who graduated from the Naval Academy and served two tours in Afghanistan.  The legacy continues through her sister, Jill, who is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Airforce.  She is currently stationed in California.  

Kristie lives in Fairport with her husband Chris and her two daughters Olivia and Kendall.  In early May, Kristie will be leaving her position at the Cancer Institute to become the Chief Advancement Officer at McQuaid Jesuit High School.